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Dive into an immersive rhythm experience and slash your way through the beats of adrenaline-pumping electronic music. You are a dancing superhero!

Game Creators (Co-founders):
Jan Ilavsky - Game developer & COO 
Vladimir Hrincar - Game developer & CTO 
Jaroslav Beck - CEO & music composer


Beat Games is an indie game studio and creator of the hit VR game Beat Saber. Their studio is based in Prague, Czech Republic and was founded in 2018. Beat Saber is an immersive rhythm experience where players slash their way through the beats of adrenaline-pumping electronic music, surrounded by a futuristic virtual world. They started as a team of 2 developers Jan Ilavsky, Vladimir Hrincar and a music guy Jaroslav Beck. Beat Saber’s development began in 2016 when they first played around with the basic concept of Beat Saber and realised... the prototype was a lot of fun! After several months of development, Beat Games showcased the game many times and to thousands of people. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Beat Saber originally released on May 1st 2018 on Steam and Oculus store. They’re a team of incredibly-passionate people who love what they do and are constantly working to make the Beat Saber experience even better for their amazing fans.

Their vision is to continue to create fun music and rhythm based immersive games for everyone across the world who likes to get up and dance.

You can find out more about Beat Games HERE!

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