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How do I compete?

It couldn't be easier to take part in Beat Master! Simply read through the rules and the T&C's. Once you are aware of those and accept them, go to our registration page and sign up through our partner EventBrite. You will receive an order number. This will become your participant number and you should use this in the subject bar of any emails you send us.
Then it's simply a case of playing $100 Bills on normal diffuculty and Angel Voices on hard difficulty with the NO mods turned on! Take screenshots of your score and good cuts then email those bad boys over to us (along with your name of course so we know who is who).
Did we mention you get unlimited attempts? Well... up to the deadline date anyways. So, if after the first screenshot, you play again and get a better score, send it to us and we'll update your recorded score with it.
If you are in the top 32 of high scores at the deadline date, then you will go through to the LIVE finals held at the Barnstaple Pannier Market in Barnstaple, North Devon on (Sunday 17th May 2020).
It's as simple as that!
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How much is it to participate?

It costs £20 to participate. Here is the breakdown of where your money will go:
£5 to our chosen charity (OVER AND ABOVE)
£5 towards the prize money
£8.21 towards the running costs of the event and towards the following year
£1.79 admin fees (paid directly to EventBrite)

So, along with physical prizes, you could win a massive money prize (depending on how many entries there are)! If we have 32 participants that's £160 in your bank. But if we have say.... 1000 participants... well, you know how it goes.
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What are the prizes?

We are setting aside £5 from every entry into the Beat Master Tournament for the prize pool. There are also physical prizes included and the list is growing as we hear back from amazing companies. Keep checking the Prizes page for more updates! So far, we have an awesome lightsaber with red blade from Force Sabers UK, A Playstation 4 Pro, 12 months Playstation Plus pass and (hopefully) many more to follow.
Oh, there will also be a trophy for the winner and for the runner up.
The grand prize winner will also gain automatic entry in to the top 32 for the following year to defend his or her title!
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I play Beat Saber on an Oculus Rift/a Vive/a Windows PC can I still participate?

You most certainly can. We do suggest getting a little practice in though if you can. The main difference is the move controllers and how they rely on being in view of the camera. Best not to place those behind your back when playing!
We are also looking at using Vive in the future so keep watching this space for when we go for it!
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When and where are the rounds held?

The LIVE finals will be held on Sunday 17th May 2020 at the Barnstaple Pannier Market in Barnstaple, North Devon.  Times for arrival are being discussed and will be updated soon. Please make sure you are free and available all day on the day of the finals. No refunds will be given if you decide that you cannot make it after the 14 day refund deadline.
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I have sent in my screenshot of my score but I have had a better score since then. Can I send in that score and take out the lower one?

100% YES!!! We encourage you to. Get that high score up and to us. If you have played both songs and get a higher one on say Angel Voices, send it to us. If you score higher on both, send them over! The more you practice, the higher your score, the better chance you have of winning that grand prize pot! You can submit unlimited amount of scores to us once we have recieved your entry fee.
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I have signed up but I cannot make it to the tournament, can I get a refund?

Only if you have told us within 14 days of your entry payment. After that I'm afraid it's a no go! This is a charity event and we want loads of money going towards it. We also have to cover our costs which will be taken out of your registration fee after the 14 day period has ended. To see our full refund details, please vists the T&C's part of the site.
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Do I need to create an account with Beat Master?

To put it simply... no. The registration form on our sign up page asks for personal information but that is hosted on our ticket sellers website (EventBrite). Please see their privacy policy if you need more information on this.
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How will the rounds be scored?

At the live event, you will play each group member twice. We write those scores on the Toornament website and it will add all your ingame scores up. If you win, you will gain 3 table points, lose and you get nothing (although the ingame points stand with you), draw and you and your opponent get a table point each. Pretty much like a football game and your goal scores are your ingame points. As we are concentrating the tournament on points, the NO FAIL mod will be turned on with every game!
Rounds 3 to 6 will be highest in game score goes through!
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